‘Home-from-home’ vibe pulls in punters

LOCAL Lawrence Arms regular Michael Deasy with the pub's owner Alison Wearn
LOCAL Lawrence Arms regular Michael Deasy with the pub's owner Alison Wearn

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The question of which pub is the best in Southsea led to one customer starting his own investigation.

And it didn’t take long for Michael Deasy to reach a conclusion – The Lawrence Arms.

Mr Deasy started collecting signatures from customers that visited the pub and soon found scores of people were supporting his cause.

And in just a few weeks he managed to collect a staggering 330 names.

Mr Deasy has been a customer at the pub for three decades.

He said he really enjoys the ‘home-from-home’ vibe he gets from the pub, in Lawrence Road.

The 82-year-old said: ‘I have been a customer at The Lawrence Arms for a number of years and have always found it to be an enjoyable experience.

‘And since we’ve had a new pub landlady come in six months ago she has transformed the place.

‘The pub has a real home-from-home vibe and to prove it I collected 333 signatures from customers who truly love their local.’

He said it wasn’t just the atmosphere of the pub, it was the host of activities that are laid on every evening.

‘It is a first-class pub, you can’t fault it, there is always something going on each evening,’ he said.

‘They have a pool table like every other pub, but the atmosphere is just brilliant.

‘Football is always very popular and because there are four television screens you can also have another sport on.’

The pub was taken over by new landlady Alison Wearn, known as Ally, in September last year.

Since then Ally has transformed the pub with the help of friends and family.

The exterior and interiors of the pub have been repainted and new activities are also taking place.

This includes earlier opening hours on Saturday mornings to feed hungry Pompey fans ‘the Lawrence toastie’, which has had some unusual fillings, such as cheese and Marmite.

And a newsletter called the Lawrence Post is issued each month to update customers on what’s going on in the popular venue.

‘The staff that work there are all excellent, they honestly are a first-class team,’ added Mr Deasy.

‘Landlady Alison took up the pub six months ago and she is splendid.

‘The whole place is so friendly – even for children.

‘And in the summer there is a beer garden for people to sit outside and enjoy a drink in the warm weather.’