Hundreds of protestors gather in Guildhall Square

Gosport High Street.
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PSPO comes into effect in Gosport

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Hundreds of teachers and trade union members turned out today at Portsmouth’s Guildhall to protest against changes to their pensions.

Waving banners and chanting anti-cuts slogans, the demonstrators were out to say no to paying more, working longer and getting less when they retire.

ACTION Workers on strike march from the Guildhall Square

ACTION Workers on strike march from the Guildhall Square

Amanda Martin, secretary of Portsmouth NUT branch who alongside teaching union ATL are leading today’s strike action said: ‘The turn out has been absolutely amazing. It shows we’re not some left wing nutty union but we are representing the strongly felt view of teachers across the city. I’m so proud of everyone who has turned out today.

Teachers by their nature never take strike action lightly.’

The demonstrators marched from the Guildhall Square through Commercial Road to show their point.