Ice block falls from the sky on to Cosham High Street

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TRADERS say a large piece of ice has fallen from the sky and landed in Cosham High Street.

Passers-by were shocked by a loud bang at about 8am.

Tony Broome, who owns Shoefix in Cosham High Street, said: ‘There was a huge bang that was like a really big strip light exploding and when I went outside there was ice everywhere.

‘I didn’t realise it was ice at first, I thought it was plaster but there was a huge clock of ice in the middle of the road.

‘A friend of mine was outside and apparently it just missed a car.’

The High Street was full of people and cars in the morning rush hour.

Mr Broome said: ‘There were people walking to school and going about their daily business.

‘We were all just looking at each other trying to make out what had happened.

‘We didn’t hear any planes overhead but it must have come from a plane. It landed right in the middle of the road and the traffic is still driving through the ice.’