Injury pain for Mark

Mark Campion
Mark Campion
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DESPITE an amazing time by most people’s standards Mark Campion’s 17th London marathon went disastrously wrong.

The 39-year-old business analyst, from Cedar Grove, Baffins, did it in 3hrs 10mins. His fastest time was 2hrs 47mins.

He said: ‘I wasn’t happy with my run.

‘Basically it was a complete disaster. I’ve had a groin injury since Christmas and I was hoping I’d be alright to get through it but after halfway it went and I was in agony.

‘I saw my wife Amanda and daughter Olivia in the crowd and told them what had happened but they just told me to keep on going, even if I had to walk it. It was my eighth London marathon in a row so I had to keep going. I want to do it again but not until I get this injury sorted.’