Councillors head to London to secure £60m flood relief cash

Underwater: Hambledon has been badly damaged by flooding. Picture: Sarah Standing

Underwater: Hambledon has been badly damaged by flooding. Picture: Sarah Standing


COUNCIL leaders will be going to Westminster today to see if Hampshire can get £60m to help solve the flood crisis.

Councillor Roy Perry, leader of Hampshire County Council, and Councillor Sean Woodward, in charge of economy, transport and environment, are due to meet flood minister Dan Rogerson.

The council wants to secure £60m from the flood defence grant in aid scheme – £35m would be spent on repairing water-damaged roads, while £25m would be used to improve flood defences.

Of that £25m, £1.5m has been earmarked for Hambledon, which has been severely affected by the recent heavy rainfall.

Cllr Woodward said: ‘We will be talking specifically about Hambledon, and the flood defence we want to see implemented to improve the situation.

‘We want to build a 3ft pipe in the village to collect water and to stop it going into peoples’ homes and businesses.

‘The cost of that would be £3.8m, and to show the council means business, we have allocated £2.1m towards the scheme.

‘Winchester City Council will put in £100,000, so we would require £1.5m from the Environment Agency.’

If the money is secured then work on the pipe will begin later this year.

Cllr Woodward added: ‘Hambledon has had 73 days underwater, so while everyone else is out enjoying the sun, Hambledon is still dealing with flood water.

‘We want to make sure this doesn’t happen again and are calling for the grand aid formula to be more flexible and applied here.’

The meeting is due to take place at 6pm today.




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