Pictures show family’s bedside vigil for Ashya King in hospital

A family picture of Ashya with his mother

A family picture of Ashya with his mother

WITH worry etched on the faces of relatives, these pictures show how desperately ill Ashya King is.

The moving photographs have been published by his doting brother, Naveed King, on Facebook.

The images were posted on August 18 and just a over a week later a major police investigation is under way to find the family after five-year-old Ashya has been taken from hospital.
A message attached to the images says: ‘Progress on Ashya: Ashya has been progressing slowly but continuously with only minor problems along the way.

‘He is now able to swallow (only liquid things like water and on odd occasions soft yoghurt) but not chew or move his leaps.

He can also close his eye lids but still struggles in moving his eyes to look at people or things.

‘He is still unable to talk to explain how he feels or what may be hurting him on occasions.

‘As a family we thank everyone who has taken their time in prayer for Ashya to get better and also by the amazing gifts he has received from those prayers!

‘He is still far from being a normal child and still not out of the danger zone of where minor issues could cause severe problems for his brain, so please continue to pray for him to have the strength and to be able to recuperate quickly! Lots of love, King family.’

A flurry of messages of support came after the posting of the pictures.

Annie Fletcher wrote: ‘Lots of love and prayers to all the family good to hear little Aysha has improved , everyone is thinking of you all back home.’

Samuel Eastman wrote: ‘You can do it little man.’

Chidi Sunny Ifenna wrote: ‘It’s good to see those bright little eyes once again, that is massive progress. Missing little Ashya. My Jehovah continue to strengthen you all during this time.’




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