Residents protest over bottle bank noise

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A MAN is determined to get the bottle banks near his flat moved as they are too noisy.

Peter Axelsen lives opposite the banks outside Quentin House, on Bishopfield Road, in Fareham, and complained to Fareham Borough Council for a year to get them moved.

The 42-year-old said: ‘Throughout the day we have the crashing of glass and it is a nuisance that myself and my neighbours have to put up with.

‘I have written to the council to get them moved to a more convenient place but it is taking them ages to deal with it.

‘It is worse in the summer because we have our windows open and the noise is terrible.

‘In the winter, it isn’t as bad but I would still like them to be moved. I thought the location was meant to be a temporary one but it has been over a year now.’

He also said a petition has been completed by neighbours from his block of flats but it has achieved nothing.

Executive member for Streetscene, Councillor Leslie Keeble, said: ‘The banks on Bishopfield Road are very close to the original site, which was lost when the Admiral Cunningham pub was sold for development.

‘Signs have been attached to the banks requesting for them to not be used at night.

‘We have only had one complaint over an 18 month period.’




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