Speedwatch teams catch scores of speeding drivers

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MORE than 100 speeding drivers have been caught by teams of volunteers by the roadside.

Community-run schemes in Titchfield and Warsash have sent out more than 100 letters to speeding motorists since the start of the year.

Speedwatch sees groups of volunteers take to the streets with handheld cameras.

They write down the details of anybody exceeding the speed limit and pass those details on to the police, who send the offender a warning letter.

A flashing sign at the side of the road displays the speed to the motorist.

David Knight, 69, who co-ordinates the Warsash scheme, said: ‘So far this year we have clocked nearly 120 people who have been at 30mph or above.

‘We have to make sure we have taken down all the correct details, so not everybody will receive a letter. Although, we have passed just over 80 incidents to the police.’

Mr Knight said that his hottest spots for catching speeding motorists are Brook Lane and Warsash Road.

Chris Walker, 78, who co-ordinates the Titchfield scheme, said: ‘The police sent about 40 letters on our behalf in the first four weeks of this year. It is having an effect as it’s being talked about. People are becoming aware and are slowing down.’

Mr Walker said his busiest spot was on Posbrook Lane.

Both teams operate at least once a week, and hope to attract more members so they can do two shifts.

Mr Walker said: ‘I have got a team of 12 volunteers and another three being trained. Ideally I’d like a total of 16, as we’ve found working in a team of four is the most efficient.’

Titchfield ward councillor Geoff Hockley said: ‘It’s quite tremendous. Anything that we can do to get cars to slow down is a benefit. Speed is a big killer and if we can get motorists to slow down, then we should have a safer community. ‘

Warsash ward councillor Trevor Cartwright said: ‘It’s a fantastic scheme and the volunteers are doing a really good job. It’s embarrassing if you are caught and you know that other people have spotted you.’

To join Titchfield’s Speedwatch email candswalker@btinternet.com or in Warsash email david@dknight.co.uk.




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