Ukip pays fine to end misery for pensioner

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A ROW over a parking fine has ended after a local councillor paid the fee on behalf of the disabled driver.

Pensioner Alan Campbell says he endured months of worry after receiving the penalty at Hayling Island Health Centre car park, off Elm Grove.

Hayling’s Ukip councillor John Perry has now written a cheque of £70 to Havant Borough Council, arguing that he felt Mr Campbell had been wronged.

The problem started in April when Mr Campbell, who struggles to walk, parked in a disabled bay.

Unsure over whether he would have to pay, the 77-year-old says he left his car – with his blue badge in hand – to check a sign.

Mr Campbell says that just one minute later, he returned to his car and discovered a fine for not displaying a blue badge.

The retired television worker, of Sandy Point Road, Eastoke, explained: ‘I had the badge in my hand and I walked up to the post to see if I had to pay any money. I rarely use this car park.

‘I read it through and found out I did not have to pay. I went back to my car to put my badge on and there was a ticket.

‘I was given one minute’s grace.’

Mr Campbell appealed against the fine, but the appeal was refused.

The pensioner, who says he has been kept awake at night worrying over the fine, added: ‘It’s dreadful.’

The row was due to be decided at a tribunal in Southampton, but after Mr Campbell appealed to Cllr Perry, Havant’s Ukip branch has decided to foot the bill.

Cllr Perry said: ‘The way I see it, Mr Campbell is a disabled man.

‘He’s been given a fine for parking in a disabled bay. That, to me, is wrong.’

He added: ‘It’s all about common sense. I am not one to read through reams of rules and regulations. We would like to take the stress off Mr Campbell and pay the fine for him.’

Mr Campbell thanked Cllr Perry and said: ‘It was very nice of them.’

Cllr Tony Briggs, who oversees parking, said: ‘Mr Campbell was issued a parking charge notice on April 17 at Hayling Island Health Centre Car Park for non-display of a valid ticket or badge.

Mr Campbell appealed, however the decision was upheld and the appeal refused.’

Natalie Meagher, service manager, added: ‘A discretionary period is usually given for non-display of a ticket whilst our civil enforcement officers undergo their observations, however with disabled bays it is expected that drivers will immediately display their badge and therefore the observation period is shortened.’

Cllr Perry said he plans to look into the parking policy.




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