Village’s struggle enters European stage

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THE plight of villagers in Hambledon will be taken to Brussels following the visit of an influential Member of the European Parliament.

Richard Ashworth, an MEP for the south east and conservative spokesman on budgets in the European Parliament, was yesterday given a tour of the flood-stricken village.

Afterwards he told The News: ‘I have enormous sympathy for residents and I admire their stoicism and the way they have worked together to help themselves alleviate this crisis.

‘I was also immensely impressed with the work the public authority has done and particularly the army.

‘It’s very obvious we need to find a long-term solution because we can’t expect people to go through a crisis like this again.’

He added: ‘The EU is just one of the players involved.

‘Clearly there are other people – the Environment Agency, the county council, and national government.

‘While I can’t speak for the EU in total, as a member for the south east of England, I would say I am enormously sympathetic to the demands of the people in this village and determined to do all we can to help.’

Mik Norman, parish council chairman, said: ‘It’s very good when any politician visits us and they may be able to help us, but particularly an MEP because it puts us in a European perspective.

‘We would like to know whether there’s European money available to support flood mitigation measures.’




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