Making waves for Megan

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PADDLING furiously along the water, two teams were vying for the chance to be crowned winners of a raft race.

The two crews raced in home-made crafts at Fareham Creek to raise cash for a young girl with cerebral palsy.

Megan Hill, three, from Fareham went under the knife to have treatment in America and now needs cash for physiotherapy to help her walk.

Losing crew member Matt Schubert, 28, from Fareham, was humble in defeat on Saturday.

He said: ‘Getting the co-ordination and paddling at the same time was difficult.’

The winning team – in the raft Anita Beaver – had the landlady of nearby Castle in the Air pub on board.

Kasia Urban had organised a fun day to coincide with the raft race.

She said: ‘The whole idea of helping Megan was because my son goes to her nursery.’

Megan and her mother Tania Hill, 39, of Johns Road, was appreciative of the support.

She said: ‘It’s lovely, it’s really good and kind of the land lady. She’s been extremely supportive.

‘Megan’s had the operation so it’s the physio we’re fundraising for.’

The youngster underwent selective dorsal rhizotomy in America. The family paid for the treatment with their savings.




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