Man is rescued after recliner catches fire


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AN ELDERLY man was taken to hospital with burns after his reclining chair caught fire.

The man, aged in his 90s, was so frail he was unable to get out of the chair when it was ablaze.

Two neighbours heard a smoke alarm and rushed to helped the man, throwing bowls of water over him.

The man’s wife was in the garden and had not noticed the fire.

Firefighters from Waterlooville and Cosham stations were called out at 6pm on Saturday to the house in Rookwood View, Denmead.

By the time they arrived the fire was out, but the living room was filled with smoke.

A crew from Cosham gave the man first aid while the Waterlooville crew made the scene safe to make sure the blaze was completely out.

Crew manager Richard Monday, from Cosham, said: ‘For some reason the chair that he was in ignited with him in it.

‘He suffered about 20 per cent burns.

‘It was very severe burns.

‘We managed to get the outer clothing we could off him.

‘Unfortunately some of the clothes had stuck to him.

‘We cooled him down with our hoses.

‘He was whisked off to hospital pretty quickly once he had been treated by us.

‘His wife was in the garden all the time it happened and she went to hospital with him.’

Mr Monday said the man was barely conscious when they were giving him first aid outside.

His mobility was very poor.

‘He couldn’t get out of the chair,’ he added.

Watch manager Kevin Lloyd-Spencer, from Waterlooville, praised the actions of neighbours.

He said: ‘They acted very quickly on discovering the incident.

‘They did everything in their powers to help.’

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

Firefighters were at the scene for about an hour and a half.

The man was taken to Queen Alexandra Hospital for treatment to burns.

Mr Lloyd-Spencer added: ‘We are just hoping that the gentlemen is okay.’

The family of the man declined to speak to The News.