Meet the landlords: The Hylands

HOT SHOT Landlady at The Foresters Lorna Hylands
HOT SHOT Landlady at The Foresters Lorna Hylands
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THE Hylands have been behind the bar at the Foresters for seven years.

Rob, one of Gosport’s Lib Dem councillors, and Lorna were both born in the town.

The Foresters is their first pub.

Lorna said: ‘I had always worked in the pub industry when our children were growing up.

‘Rob’s previous job meant he was away from home a lot so being able to run this place together has been wonderful.

‘It’s a lot of hard work but we enjoy ourselves.

‘We have a good time together and that’s one of the things people like about the place.’

Working in the computer industry meant Rob would often have to work away from home.

When he was made redundant, the pair decided to take on the pub.

Rob said: ‘Lorna is very much the face of the pub. I do a lot of the other work and it’s a long-running joke that I’ve never been seen serving anyone.’