Memorial festival helps pay for best friends’ funerals

ON STAGE The event at Brune Park School last night in memory of Jasmine Allsop and Olivia Lewry. Picture: Steve Reid

ON STAGE The event at Brune Park School last night in memory of Jasmine Allsop and Olivia Lewry. Picture: Steve Reid


MORE than 100 teenagers turned out in force at a music festival to remember two best friends who tragically died after they were hit by a car.

Brune Park Community School, in Gosport, was transformed as friends of Jasmine Allsop, 14 and Olivia Lewry, 16, performed raps and sang to raise money to help pay for the pair’s two funerals.

As reported, Olivia and Jasmine were killed after they were hit by a car on November 3 at 4am in Ann’s Hill Road.

Jasmine’s grieving boyfriend Zak Langford, 19, of Ranvilles Lane, in Fareham, was at the festival last night.

He said it was important to have everyone together.

‘It’s good for everyone to get together and show their support for the families,’ he said. ‘There’s not really words to explain it how tough it’s been.

‘The family, her brother Reece, all of her friends – you’ve got to be strong for each other. You’ve just go to do it – it keeps you going.’

Jasmine’s brother Reece, 16, performed a rap last night.

He performed alongside singers, other MCs and bands. They raised around £1,000 towards the cost of the girls’ funerals.

Family members of the pair both attended the memorial music festival.

It had been organised by Tyler Palmer, 16, and Katie Davis, 16, both friends of Olivia and Jasmine.

Tyler said: ‘We decided on a music festival to bring everyone together in a positive way.

‘We wanted to try and get everyone together to celebrate who they actually were aside from what actually happened.

‘We saw Jasmine’s funeral so we knew hundreds of people cared, so we knew we’d do well but none of us knew we’d raised as much as we have.’

Katie added: ‘It makes me feel proud and I know that the girls would have liked it.

‘I got myself prepared for lots of people but I didn’t know there would be this many. We’re doing it for Olivia and Jasmine, we want everyone to be together at a time like this.’

The charity Motiv8 has been supporting the pair’s friends and helped organise it.

As reported, hundreds turned out on Friday for Jasmine’s Barbie pink funeral held at Saint John the Evangelist church in Forton Road, Gosport.

n Samuel Etherington, 20, of Stoners Close, in Gosport, is charged with manslaughter over the deaths. He is due in court on January 3.




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