Mercy ship nears home while crew talk of pride

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Sailors from RFA Largs Bay have said they are proud to have helped Haitians rebuild their communities.

The fleet auxiliary ship is due to arrive off Stokes Bay on Monday having crossed the Atlantic from the earthquake-hit Carribean island.

Medical Technician Bob Beckwith, 56, helped run the ship's medical facility.

He said: 'Our work on board has been a rewarding and memorable experience.

'Delivering food to the community of Anse a Veau, which was hit by landslides and floods, has been a particular highlight, while seeing the community come together to help unload the cargo has been fabulous.

'We got in the thick of it and stood shoulder to shoulder with the villagers to help deliver over 25,000 boxes of aid.

'They have been moved to see a British ship coming to their help with so much food. I think this memory will last a lifetime.'

The father-of-three will be with the ship when she anchors off Browndown Beach on Monday morning.

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