Miracle escape for child in kite tangle

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A TERRIFIED three-year-old got tangled up in an out of control kite and was lifted 10ft into the air before crashing down head-first.

Dylan Mogg was paddling at East Wittering beach, near Chichester, while his grandparents Elton and Katie walked nearby.

They were horrified to see a kite come crashing down beside him as the female kitesurfer desperately tried to regain control as Dylan became tangled up in it.

He was rushed to St Richard's Hospital in Chichester, where his grandparents were told he had miraculously escaped with only cuts and bruises.

Mr and Mrs Mogg are now calling for more public protection at the beach, giving separate areas for sport.

Mr Mogg said: 'There must be some kind of enforcement in place for a sport that has such potentially tragic and dangerous consequences.'