MP’s pledge to help end rental fuel poverty

MP Penny Mordaunt
MP Penny Mordaunt
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PORTSMOUTH North MP Penny Mordaunt has joined a campaign to make sure rented homes aren’t ‘dangerously cold’.

Around 655,000 of the UK’s 3m plus rented houses are so called they’re officially classed as a health hazard.

Tory MP Ms Mordaunt is joining Friends of the Earth, Citizens Advice, Age UK, Macmillan Cancer Support and others to call for a minimum standard that, from 2016, would stop landlords re-letting homes which make tenants ill and cost a fortune to heat.

They say tenants in the coldest homes could save £500 a year on bills if their landlords brought their houses up to a basic level of heating and insulation

Ms Mordaunt said: ‘It’s unacceptable for anyone to have to live in a rented home so cold and expensive to heat that it forces them into fuel poverty or makes them ill. That’s why I’ve signed a Parliamentary petition backing a new law to ensure that these dangerously cold rented homes are brought up to a minimum standard of energy efficiency.’