Museum is given a new name that is inspired by Roman language

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THE name of a new museum is inspired by a word conceived by Roman conquerors almost 2,000 years ago.

Chichester Museum will now be called The Novium, which comes from the Roman name of Chichester, Noviomagus Reginorum.

It means ‘the new market town of the people of the kingdom’.

The new name is a combination of the Latin and the word museum.

It comes as work is progressing on the city’s new museum in Tower Street.

Earlier this year the old museum, in Little London, closed its doors for good.

Jane Hotchkiss, assistant director of leisure and wellbeing at Chichester District Council, said: ‘We think that this new name reflects what the new museum will have to offer.

‘As well as the Roman bath remains, there will be items on display from half a million years ago to the present day from around the district.’

Archaeologists are currently working to uncover the remains of Roman baths at the site.

They are slowly uncovering stacks of clay tiles which formed an under-floor heating system.

Visitors will be able to see the relics of the baths from a viewing platform above.

The revamped museum is set to open its doors in spring next year.