Mystery of man found dead in the sea

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Friends of a much-loved computer expert who was found dead in the sea say they are baffled by his death.

Paul Vigay was laughing and joking with friends just days before his death, and none of them had an inkling anything was wrong.

He went missing late on Thursday night, and his body was pulled from the sea off Eastney on Friday morning.

Police say they are not treating the death of the 44-year-old as suspicious, and are not looking for anyone else in connection with it.

Shocked friends said they couldn't understand what had happened to Mr Vigay, of Manners Road, Southsea.

They described him as a 'jokey' man who was a computer expert and web designer who ran his own consultancy firm. He was also a huge nature enthusiast and had an interest in the paranormal, including the mysteries of crop circles, UFOs and conspiracy theories.

Mr Vigay's friend of 23 years Claire Diestler, 39, from Bedhampton, said she visited him for a cup of coffee last Tuesday. She said: 'He was absolutely fine, that's why I am so shocked.

'There was absolutely no indication that anything was wrong. In fact he was quite jokey. We all feel a bit guilty having seen him.

'We are all worried we did not pick up on something.'

Mrs Diestler added: 'He was really interested in UFOs and anything a bit unusual like crop circles.

'He used to go to Wiltshire quite a lot to take photographs of them. He was really popular and had a lot of friends. He was very funny and we always had some great laughs.'

Mr Vigay's father, John, 75, of Victory Avenue, Horndean, said: 'It's just a complete shock when it happens like this.'

He added: 'He was not the sort that would just walk out into the sea. There was nothing that would have led up to this. I just don't know.'

He said Mr Vigay's girlfriend, Louie, was utterly devastated at the loss and had gone to stay with her mother.

Mr Vigay ran several websites, including a nature page for Horndean, where he grew up, and even had his own on-line 'appreciation society'.

He was a regular at Rosie's Vineyard, in Elm Grove, Southsea, where he often went to socialise with friends.

Graham Allen, 26, of Kelsey Avenue, Southbourne, a friend and former student of Mr Vigay when he worked as an IT technician at Bohunt School, Liphook, said: 'He has a huge amount of knowledge about IT and programming – and it really rubbed off on other people.

'He was the person who inspired me go into IT. I am very shocked.

'He was such a well-liked person.'