Mystery Portsmouth underwear thief unmasked

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A CAT burglar who is sneaking into people’s gardens and stealing their washing has been unmasked – as a feline Fagin.

The owners of The Ghost, an 18-month-old rescue cat, say they are brought a never-ending stream of shorts, shirts, socks, underwear and sponges by their beloved pet as gifts.

She has built up a huge collection and now Sharon and John Bowler, of Laburnum Grove, North End, would like to reunite the items with their owners.

Mr Bowler, a caretaker, said: ‘Every time Ghostie goes out and comes back home she brings us something and she cries until we have a look at it.

‘There’s lots and lots of clothes but she even came back with a coffee cup once!

‘We’ve managed to find the owners of some of the things because they are from our immediate neighbours.

‘But we’ve got a great big bag of socks and shirts and bits and pieces.

‘We really want to give them all back.’

It’s not the first time the couple have had problems with a light-pawed pussy.

Mr Bowler said: ‘We’re getting concerned that Ghostie, as we call her, will become known as the Fagin of the feline world.

‘Our previous rescue cat Tosca started stealing but at least that was stuff she could eat – bread, packs of bacon, oven-cooked chickens and joints of meat.

‘It amazed me how she managed to get it all home.’

Mr and Mrs Bowler admit that they spoil their pet moggy who even has a micro-chipped cat flip for her to get in easily.

But now they are now keen to reunite all the stolen clothes with their rightful owners.

Mr Bowler said: ‘We would like to apologise to our all neighbours for all the trouble Ghostie has caused.

‘She’s a good mouser and has done a lot to control the mouse population in the area.

‘She is good company and a very loving cat.’

Mr Bowler believes the washing has probably been taken from Laburnum Grove, Balfour Road and Wykeham Road areas of North End – but may have come from further afield.

If anyone has noticed their washing has gone amiss the couple are happy to let people check the haul. Call them on (023) 9269 2444.




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