Naked man impaled on rusty metal spike

Portsmouth Crown Court. Picture: Solent News and Picture Agency

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A naked sunbather impaled himself on a rusty metal spike during a drinking session with friends.

Gavin Rigby suffered the bizarre accident while drinking in the sunshine and sunbathing nude on the ramparts overlooking Haslar Lake.

Needing to go to the toilet Mr Rigby, 34, walked over to some trees at the edge of the embankment where he slipped and fell head-first down the slope, impaling himself on the remnants of an old iron post.

The post, which was about eight inches long, pierced his inner thigh just next to his groin.

Mr Rigby, of Trinity Green in Gosport, called for help, but was stuck on the post for up to half an hour as he waited for the emergency services to arrive and check he was alright.

The incident happened just before 3pm yesterday after Mr Rigby had spent a few hours drinking lager and cider with two friends and his girlfriend.

One friend, Al Thorne, 42, unemployed, of Harbour Towers, Gosport, said: 'We were just down here having a few cans and a smoke when he decided to take his clothes off and got naked.

'He decided to go to the toilet down at the edge of the embankment and the next thing I knew I heard him shout for help.

'I couldn't believe it – he was there hanging naked from this spike which had pierced his groin.

'I called the ambulance and then stayed to talk to him to make sure that he would stay awake.'

Fire engines, ambulances, police and the air ambulance all rushed to the scene, although the air ambulance helicopter was not needed and returned to its base at Lee-on-the-Solent.

Paramedics gave Mr Rigby oxygen and firefighters from Gosport with cutting equipment went to slice through the metal spike but instead managed to lift him off it. Afterwards they made the fence safe.

The man was taken by ambulance to Queen Alexandra Hospital, Cosham.

His friend Jon Bradshaw, 22, a handyman of Elson, Gosport, added: 'He was upside down, naked with the spike impaled in his groin.'

A spokeswoman for Hampshire Ambulance confirmed a man was taken to hopsital with minor injuries.