NATS wins top award for unique new tool

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A TOOL developed by the firm which runs the air traffic control centre near Fareham to measure the environmental performance of aircraft has won an international award.

The tool is the 3Di Environment metric, which analyses flight patterns to work out the amount of emissions produced by aircraft. It won the Jane’s ATC Environment Award in Amsterdam.

The National Air Traffic Service (NATS) has a centre in Swanwick.

Development has taken nearly three years, analysing radar tracks from every flight since January 2010, and further samples of operations going back to 2006.

Chief executive Richard Deakin said: ‘Improved environmental performance is at the heart of NATS’ work to help create a sustainable future for the industry, which is essential if we’re to be allowed to grow. ‘It also makes good basic business sense because fewer emissions means less fuel burned – part of our continuing focus on providing the most efficient service to help reduce operating costs for airlines.’