Nine-year-old Oliver scares off burglar

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WHEN Oliver Orsag saw a burglar trying to get into his home he knew exactly what to do.

While the raider’s fingertips were poking through the bathroom window, the brave nine-year-old smashed them with a soap dish and scared him away.

Now Oliver has received a certificate from Hampshire police, which was presented by Superintendent Paul Brooks at his school, Northern Parade Juniors.

Oliver, of London Road in Hilsea, was sleeping on a camp bed on the floor as he had a friend staying over.

He woke up and could see someone staring through the bedroom window of the family’s ground-floor flat, looking at his television and computer games consoles.

The youngster got up and grabbed a golf club from the kitchen and the man disappeared. Moments later Oliver found him trying to get into the bathroom.

‘I saw someone trying to get into the bathroom window with a crowbar,’ he said. ‘I got the soap dispenser and climbed on to the toilet and knocked his hand with the soap dispenser.

‘Then he ran away. My mum was still asleep.

‘So I ran to the bedroom and told mum someone was trying to break in. Then she called the police.’

Brave Oliver said he wasn’t scared. ‘I wasn’t frightened. I was in shock. I almost fainted,’ he said.

‘I was shocked that we were getting robbed. I do feel brave.’

And he said that he was pleased to receive an award from the police.

‘I can’t describe it. It was awesome,’ he said. It’s epic. I feel like the best child in the world.’

His mum Dominique Orsag, 34, said: ‘I’m amazed considering we were all in bed.

‘His actions and what he’s done and how he held himself when he went to the police makes me proud.

‘If it wasn’t for Oliver getting up I don’t know how far he would have got through the window.

‘I think he is extremely brave. As it’s always been Oliver and me, he’s quite protective of me.

‘He wants to look after his family and friends. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

A 16-year-old boy has been charged with attempted burglary and is due to appear at Fareham Youth Court today.




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