November 3, 2007

Mark Morgan was caught by Riders Against Paedophiles

Snared: Riders Against Paedophiles catch man ‘meeting girl’ at train station

CROOKHORN SCHOOL: There is a Crookhorn School reunion for pupils between 1988-1992 on Saturday, January 19, 2008, 7pm-11pm at the school. Please let me know if you are interested, as I need to know numbers. Tom Bowen 07976 573032

Sleight: I'm from Scotter, Lincolnshire, writing web page tributes for the men who gave their lives in the two world wars and are listed on our village War Memorial.

Most of the families have been contacted but one of the men may live in the Portsmouth area.

Private 6198 Walter Sleight, 1st Battalion, Lincolnshire Regiment, one of the first casualties of the Great War, was killed in action on August 26, 1914, aged 30.

His battalion was based at Portsmouth and in 1908, he married Ethel Florence Mary Hall at Freshwater, Isle of Wight. They had two children – Walter in 1909 and Ethel Mary in 1911.

The web page for him can be seen at in the War Memorial section.

If anyone has any information on him please get in touch.

Andrew Sheardown

01724 763835

GOODWIN: I have not seen my son for more than 20 years.

His name is Michael John Goodwin, 51.

His mother's name was (is) Betty Green, last known of in Southsea.

Please can anyone help me?

Vincent Goodwin

(Now in Thailand)

WEIR/THOMAS/SNOOK: I had two great-aunts whom I never met and they both married Portsmouth/Southsea men.

Annie Weir married Ted Thomas at her home in Ireland in 1907. He was a fireman or a policeman and I was told they went to live in Balfour Road, Portsmouth. I know they had a son called Leslie.

Annie's sister married William Henry Snook, also at her home in Ireland, in 1908 and went to live in Balfour Road.

I would like to make contact with any of their remaining families.

Ann McClelland

Oaktree Mews, Portadown BT63 5TJ

POST OFFICE: We are hoping to get in touch with any post office messenger boys living in The News' circulation area.

Most of the telegram boys began work aged 14 or 15 and delivered telegrams on foot, by bike and then motorcycles in the days before telephones were widespread

We have now set up a website for former telegram messenger boys to keep in touch with each other. We record past memories of their years as messenger boys (wags) sent to us, and also feature photographs of past reunions. At the end of the day the telegram messenger boys have a lot of history, and it would be a shame if any of that was forgotten. We hope that former messenger boys will enjoy the site, and that they feel free to contribute stories/articles and any old photographs that can be sent on e-mail file attachment that they wish to be viewed on the site. We also accept any correspondence through the post, and will return all items after they have been scanned on to the website at:

Those telegram messenger boys who have not got access to a computer may put pen to paper with their stories and memories then send them by post to the address below and I will put it on the website for you, so other telegram messenger boys can read your story.

Roger Green

Special Hand Stamp Section

Royal Mail Birmingham

Birmingham Mail Centre

St Stephen's Street

Birmingham B6 4AA