WATCH: Magical moment Hampshire's Justin Rose and fellow golf stars made a little boy's day

Video shows the wonderful moment that Hampshire golfer Justin Rose and fellow stars gave a little boy a birthday treat he'll never forget.
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LISTEN: Man calls 999 complaining that Debenhams refuse to change purchase

A nuisance caller made the idiotic call 24 hours after the security threat level in Britain was raised to critical.


WATCH: Ten giant wasps' nests found in north Hampshire

A brave pest controller was astonished when he went into the loft of an abandoned Hampshire building - and found TEN giant wasps' nests.


WATCH: Tigers cool down with ice cream in heatwave

Tigers and bears devour bloodied ice lollies as a heatwave sent temperatures soaring to record-breaking levels in the UK.


WATCH: Anorexic woman says pole dancing saved her life

An anorexic who was on the brink of death after living on just ONE packet of crisps a day says her life has been saved - by pole dancing.


WATCH: Apology to villagers cut off by Grand Tour filming

TV chiefs have been forced to apologise after shutting off an entire Yorkshire village for filming of the Grand Tour - without telling its residents.

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WATCH: Entire cul-de-sac branded anti-social

An entire cul-de-sac has been branded anti-social and given a warning letter - for letting children play outside in the evening.


WATCH: Inventor designs unbreakable sunglasses

These unbreakable shades are perfect for clumsy sun-lovers - who can drop, sit on or even stamp on their sunglasses without worrying about them smashing


WATCH: Rare baby turtle hatches at London Zoo

An endangered spiny hill turtle has hatched for the first time at ZSL London Zoo.


WATCH: Pitbull befriends two guinea pigs

These two guinea pigs have an unusual best friend - Moki the pitbull!


WATCH: ‘I couldn’t believe it’ says woman who grew a pineapple in Gosport

IT had sat – resolutely not fruiting – in her conservatory for 10 years.

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WATCH: Disabled lamb given wheels to walk

Saturday the lamb was born with congenital spasticity, making it difficult for her to move around.


WATCH: CCTV footage shows cheeky ferret sneaking into lido

Hilarious CCTV footage shows the moment staff at a lido received a very unexpected surprise - as a cheeky FERRET snuck into their reception area.


WATCH: Police dashcam shows man driving THREE TIMES over the speed limit

This shocking dashcam footage shows a man who has never held a driving licence leading police on an "idiotic" high-speed chase

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WATCH: Residents spooked by 20ft ‘web’ spun by ermine moth caterpillars

A spooky sighting has given passers by the creeps ever since this 20ft cobweb appeared last month.


WATCH: Inside the Portsmouth garage that’s the world’s smallest cathedral

JULIAN Kent can truly claim that God is in his garden...

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WATCH: Runaway car smashes into living room

This is the horrifying moment a runaway car caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage after ploughing into a shocked family's living room


WATCH: Fiona the hippo has a trip to the dentist

Fiona the baby hippo has made her first trip to the dentist.

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WATCH: Boris Johnson outrages Sikhs by talking about whisky in temple

Foreign secretary Boris Johnson blundered again  when he talked about whisky during a visit to a Sikh temple - a religion which bans alcohol.

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WATCH: Driver's terrifying swerve across the M5

This heart-stopping dashcam footage captures a reckless driver swerving across three lanes of a busy motorway to make the exit slip road.
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