NATIONAL: Shocking video shows two men collapsed in middle of city centre street after getting high on zombie drug Spice

This is the shocking moment two men who appeared to be high on zombie drug Spice collapsed in the middle of a busy city centre street.

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NATIONAL: Police chief defends dodgem-riding officers

A police chief has defended his officers after they were photographed riding on fairground dodgems.

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NATIONAL: Storm Ophelia turns the sun red

A red sun spotted in the sky over parts of England has been caused by Storm Ophelia.
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WATCH: The weirdest car gadgets in 60 seconds

Here's our look at the weirdest gadgets from this year's Kia Idea Festival.

WATCH: Mammoth moths set to invade the south

Britain's Indian summer will draw an influx of massive MOTHS to the south - with some as big as a human HAND.


WATCH: Girl with no arms and legs plays piano in front of a crowd in emotional video clip

A 16-year-old girl who lost her arms and legs to a deadly virus plays piano in front of a crowd for the first time in this emotional clip.


WATCH: Would you dare smash a mirror on Friday 13th?

Millions of Brits are terrified of Friday the 13th, refuse to walk under ladders and avoid crossing the path of a black cat, a study has found.


WATCH: Policeman dresses as woman in hilarious video

You could say it was a bit of a drag - but PC Mark Walsh was more than happy to dress as a woman to get across a message.


NATIONAL: Shocking CCTV footage released to put the brakes on reckless drivers hitting refuse workers

Video shows reckless drivers hitting refuse workers as they push past in their cars and mount pavements to avoid bin lorries.

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WATCH: Would you ride this 3,168 metres long zip wire?

The South Korean county of Hadong has a new mountainous tourist attraction.


WATCH: Meet Tia the police cat

The fluffy, four-legged feline is part of the New Zealand police team, who sniffs around the office.


WATCH: World's first motorbike backflip on River Thames

It's a moment of history....


REGIONAL: Multi-coloured pigeons cause a flap

These brightly coloured pigeons have been causing a flap after being spotted in a Sussex shopping centre.

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NATIONAL: Shocking CCTV shows armed thugs trying to carjack BMW

Shocking footage shows a hero BMW driver fight off two masked thugs who battered him with a golf club and a metal pole in an attempted carjacking.

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NATIONAL: Ice block falls off aircraft and smashes into family's garden

A large block of ice fell from the sky and crashed into a stunned family's back garden where it has left a massive crater.


WATCH: Costa unveils coffee delivery drone

Caffeine-lovers will be blown away by this new 'coffee-copter' - which delivers drinks to them by DRONE.


WATCH: Is this the recipe for a perfect night's sleep?

The recipe for a perfect night's sleep is a bedroom at 16 degrees Celsius, curling up on your right hand side and a few pages of a good old-fashioned book.


NATIONAL: Video shows emotional moment 'the world's best boyfriend' surprises his sobbing girlfriend with a puppy

'The world's best boyfriend' surprises his sobbing girlfriend with a puppy in this cute clip.


NATIONAL: Dramatic footage shows parent driving car at teacher at school gates

Police have released dramatic video footage of a parent who drove at a teacher at the school gates, carrying him on the bonnet of the car before he was thrown to the ground.

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LISTED: The bizarre items left on the south's trains

The new operator of trains between Portsmouth and London today revealed the staggering variety of items left behind by passengers

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