20p for a pee in seafront toilets

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The 20 pence pee is on its way folks. Clarence toilets in Southsea will be 20p per pee this month and D-Day Museum car park toilets by 2014.

Now I must tell you this folks, because I was rather surprised.

Local authorities have no obligation to build and maintain municipal 

Fancy that, eh?

So it’s no good having a toot about paying for a pee.

You’ll have to carry 20p coins with you, because there will be no attendants for change at the pay-for- pee loos.

So on a day out, calculating for parents plus three kids, at two pees per person, you’ll have to take an extra £2.

Us old gals can remember in the 1950s/60s the old penny loos.

First in would pay and then hold the door open for all her mates.

You gotta get sneaky dear.