2p or not 2p - can coins help arthritis?

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Whatever rocks your boat dear has always been my attitude to any weird remedies my girliepals subscribe to.

So an article I read recently really tickled me.

Some senior citizens wear copper braclets, which they maintain helps ease the pain of arthritis.

There are also specialist copper insoles (about £30 )for shoes.

Well, 85-year-old Johnny Franks from London has come up with an innovative and cheaper version – the 2p piece (which must have been minted pre-1992 as they are 97 per cent copper).

He couldn’t afford the £30 specialist insoles, so he made his own from £3 insoles and four 2ps.

And he is adamant that his painful arthritis is practically cured.

Blimey. It’s got to be worth a go folks.