A Cabinet reshuffle is just a case of different faces, same policies

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So there was another major Cabinet reshuffle this week with many changes in many different departments.

But am I the only person who finds the concept of a Cabinet reshuffle weird?

Basically, someone stays in a really tough job for a while and just as they’re beginning to get the hang of it, they’re moved to another job or sacked without warning.

They say Cabinet reshuffles ‘freshen things up’, but these politicians all rise to the top because they have the same ideas.

You never get anywhere if you try to be different, so Cameron is going to replace loads of people who have the same ideas as him with a load more people who have the same ideas as him.

How is that freshening things up? I reckon like most prime ministers he’s giving lots of his political friends different jobs just so they’ve got something a bit more substantial on their CVs.

. My friend received one of those really annoying ‘birthday e-mails’ from Twitter congratulating him for being on Twitter for three years.

Now he doesn’t know what’s more annoying – the fact that it’s one of those cheery e-mails which sounds all friendly, but you know that it’s been automatically generated, or the fact that as he now knows he’s been on Twitter for three years, he can calculate how much of his life he’s wasted.

. I see Geordie Shore has been renewed by MTV for a ninth series, before the eighth has even aired. You may think it’s tacky, but compared to The Valleys it’s like Brideshead Revisited.

. Pizza Express has been bought by a Chinese firm. I can see a great innovation coming out of this – a new diet pizza. Basically it’d be the same as a normal pizza, but they give you chopsticks and that means you’ll struggle to eat a single mouthful.