A minute’s silence for what was once a fine language

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Following the birth of her first child, my daughter accesses websites where new mums log on to share their experiences and concerns.

She came across the following contribution and passed it on without comment.

I reproduce it here for you, while gritting my teeth to stumps.

‘u wudnt bleeve this bt my baby bein naughty made me wna hav anoda 1 2 c if it really is dis bad lol im due in june nw.

‘i fort my baby was like dis coz i breastfed bt i dnt knw i went doctors n he sed jus sit wid her den if dats wt she wants.

‘for 6mnths i dint eat or slp propa.’

A minute’s silence, please, for the crass adulteration of what was once a fine language.

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