A monkey has come to stay

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You’ve probably seen one of those TV documentaries about people who have a wild animal living in their home and treat it like it’s their baby.

There was one on recently about a woman who lived with a monkey.

In the end she had to give it away because it naturally wanted to climb on the furniture and swing from the lampshades.

Well, I think I have a bit of an insight into how it feels to live with a wild monkey.

All of a sudden, Caitlin wants to climb on everything – the sofas, the kitchen worktops, the dining table.

I’m hoping we can put a stop to it before she decides to venture up the cabinet or even pull herself up the guttering.

Her favourite thing to climb on is me.

I’ll be sitting there watching TV and out of nowhere I’ll feel a foot on my shoulder and a hand on my head.

It’s about time she found out about those monkeys from the nursery rhyme who jumped on the bed, fell off and banged their heads.