A smooth flight – after the frisking

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Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to officially announce that I survived a holiday with my two daughters.

I was nervous about being in a foreign country with two children under the age of five, but I can now enjoy a sigh of relief.

Previous to this, any holiday booked since I became a dad always took place without having to board any flights, cross any waters or carry any passports as the UK was chosen for a break away from the norm.

But this time the Spanish island of Majorca was our destination.

At the airport we strolled through security – all except my two- year-old daughter Alyssa, who must have a suspicious face and look like she could be carrying something illegal in her nappy as she was picked out to be frisked by airport security staff.

I think they may have regretted picking her as she wasn’t an easy customer and a full-blown tantrum ensued.

Understandable as they were very rough with her and I’m sure being prodded by a complete stranger at two years old isn’t a nice experience.

After realising Alyssa wasn’t on a drug run, they let her go and we made our way to the bit I was most nervous about – the flight.

Luckily it was only a short flight at two hours, but I still had my hand luggage packed with sweets, colouring-in books and even my tablet computer loaded with episodes of Peppa Pig to keep them entertained and as far away from boredom as possible.

Thankfully I walked off the flight feeling happy and proud of my well- behaved daughters and pleased we didn’t annoy the other 200 people on the flight.

Interestingly there were other children and babies on board and I did hear crying and tantrums, with stressed out-looking mums and dads trying to appease their little ones.

I could see glares from other, mostly older, passengers, who looked visibly annoyed at the misbehaving children. But they have obviously forgotten that their children almost definitely acted in the same way at some point.

I looked on, understanding the situation and actually happy in the knowledge that my children aren’t the only ones who sometimes misbehave.

On an island where temperatures range between 31 and 41 degrees, lots of sun lotion was applied, hats were worn and life was viewed through sunglasses.

Most of the time was spent by the hotel pool. The children’s favourite bit was pushing mum and dad in the water.

It’s odd to think that they probably won’t remember the holiday. But loads of photos were taken to remind them of the fun and to remind mummy and daddy they survived their first holiday abroad with two young children.