Airbrushing shows how we want perfection these days

Mo Farrah after missing out on a gold medal
				 Picture: Adam Davy

VERITY LUSH: Leave me to browse the make-up counter in peace

Buckingham Palace revealed this week that the official engagement photographs of Prince William and Kate Middleton were airbrushed.

In Gosport we call it 'doing a Caroline Dinenage'. Remember the hoo-ha over her election poster?

I find it surprising that a handsome prince and his beautiful bride-to-be need any enhancement. But then again, Wills has recently been sporting a combover Bobby Charlton would be proud of. It just goes to show how we demand perfection today.

So what do we do when we see a photo of ourselves on Facebook looking like our grandparents? I've solved this problem by scratching little dots on my camera lens to create blurriness.