Aircraft seats for ample bottoms

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Here we go again, pick on the porkies.

Those with a more ample bum have in the past purchased two seats together in order to travel comfortably on planes.

Now plane manufacturer Airbus is going to

offer aisle seats (I expect that’s for the flab to cascade over), with an additional two inches on its new A320 jets.

That’s mighty fine of them.

Travel analysts have suggested a ‘fat tax’ on passengers above a certain weight and Samoa Air

already operates a ‘pay-by-weight’ system.

So airlines that buy the A320 will decide whether to charge more for the extra two inches, or not.

While reading the article about airline seats, suddenly into my mind came Carl Malcolm’s 1975 reggae hit Fattie Bum Bum.

Now I can’t stop singing it.

Google it – it’s fun.