Aisles are full of temptation

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There are a few things that signal the Christmas season has arrived.

The major one comes in early November when you suddenly find yourself in a supermarket aisle that is piled high with everything festive, from stocking fillers, to a book on how to make the perfect Christmas dinner.

One thing that did catch my eye during one of these trips recently was all the large tubs of chocolates that were labelled as being half-price.

The supermarket’s job is to make me spend more in their store than I had originally planned and they succeeded with my bill being £3 higher due to that tub of tasty looking chocolates.

Problem is, I’m not good at fighting temptation. I love chocolate and, somewhat annoyingly, so does my daughter Caitlin.

All she had to do was ask me politely if she could have one and the plastic safety seal around the tub was pulled off.

The deal is that I eat the ones I like and she eats the ones I don’t.

Hmm, I wonder if those tubs are still half-price?