All made up, but outshone by Sinitta in sweat pants

Mo Farrah after missing out on a gold medal
				 Picture: Adam Davy

VERITY LUSH: Leave me to browse the make-up counter in peace

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They say a TV camera adds 10lbs to you when you’re being filmed – and I’m telling you it’s absolutely true.

When I look back at some of the filming I’ve done, I shudder a little and usually say ‘I don’t look like that, do I?’

Now I admit I may not have a figure like a catwalk model, but it isn’t bad. But the camera is certainly not my friend.

However, there are people who look just as good if not better when the camera is trained on them.

I liked Sinitta before I met her because I thought she had flaws and wasn’t perfect, just like the rest of us. But I was wrong – she’s stunning.

I interviewed the ’80s pop star this week because she knew Whitney Houston and was a massive fan of hers.

I’m making a documentary about Whitney and wanted the opinion of a professional singer who has also spent a good couple of decades in the spotlight.

So I spoke with her ‘people’ and got invited to interview her at her offices in Fulham. I expected Sinitta to arrive in a beautiful long gown with freshly-groomed hair and make-up, but instead she came out of the office brushing off dust because she’d been cleaning and moving boxes around (having just moved in).

Her hair was pulled into a pony tail and was wearing an outfit clearly geared towards comfort. But she looked fantastic.

There was I, all made up with a whole ‘face’ on, hair groomed, heels, nice black dress and tights,, designer coat (thanks mum and Julian McDonald, Debenhams) and Sinitta outshines me hands down. In sweat pants and covered in dust.

She is a freak of nature – a beautiful one.

When I’ve watched her as Simon Cowell’s sidekick on X Factor, I don’t think she’s done herself justice.

There’s been too much make-up, too much ‘grooming’. Having met her in person, I can say with confidence that she looks better with a ‘less is more’ approach.

We had a real giggle and she seemed very normal and very real. All very refreshing. In fact at one point we started laughing so much I went into this weird voice that I do with my friends – watching that back with my director was, erm, ‘interesting’, I can tell you!