All we are saying, is give cycling a chance

NEWS COMMENT: Drop-in centre in north of city would ease pressure on QA

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While it might not be everybody’s first choice as a way to get a message across, there’s no doubting that a naked cycle ride is certainly memorable.

And as anyone will testify who saw the 50 or so hardy riders in Southsea at the weekend, it takes a brave soul, even in our so-called summer to get their kit off for a cause.

But while the method is questionable, the aim is laudable.

They were out on their bikes making a point about safety on the roads for cyclists.

As one of the riders rightly points out, Portsmouth is, statistically, one of the most dangerous places to ride a bike, in terms of the number of accidents.

That’s both shocking and embarrassing.

As a flat island city with a relatively flat surrounding area, cycling should be an encouraged form of getting around, not one in which you take you life in your hands each time you take to the road.

As we all know, the city’s roads are clogged with traffic but you can bet your bottom dollar that on most journeys in rush hour you’d get there far quicker on a bike.

But how many people will be put off taking to two wheels by the risks.

Quite a few. So rather than complaining about the naked form, something we all have, people who saw the ride or who read the article in today’s News, should think about the message.

And ask the question, why is it so dangerous?

Surely it’s possible for safer cycle routes to be put in place across the city.

And on the other side of the coin, maybe it’s time drivers took a moment to think about their attitude to bike riders.

So next time you see your bike leaning unused in the garage as you head for the car, why not think about giving two wheels a go instead of four?

You never know, this time next year, you might find yourself joining in the protest.