Another dose of has-beens as reality season fires up

Karel Doubleday, who used her mum's blue badge so she could park close to her workplace

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The new season of reality TV is about to begin, giving us another dose of wannabes and has-beens, desperate for their 15 minutes of fame.

I’m sure Steve Brookstein, Leon Jackson and Shane Ward would advise any male contestants on The X-Factor not to win, but, like Olly Murs and JLS, to finish second.

I’m looking forward to Edwina Curry getting egg on her face if she makes it onto Strictly Come Dancing.

And now the most grotesque show of them all is returning – Big Brother.

Kerry Kantona has re-launched her career more times than a space shuttle and Jedward will irritate more than sunburn. British TV at it’s best? Thank goodness for Downton Abbey.