As we crossed the road, I heard engine revs increase

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In a city where it’s often tight wangling a bicycle down the street, there are an alarming number of people who are willing to risk their own lives and, more disturbingly, those of others.

To paraphrase the unequalled Mungo Jerry ‘In the summertime, when the weather is fine...go out and see what you can find’.

It can actually be a pleasant time to be driving the car – system up, windows down and the warm summer breeze whistling over one’s aerodynamic noggin.

The open road, the sweet pong of country air and a Vitamin D injection from the glowing orb make cruising a pleasure.

But could that heady mix of goodness be a cocktail that some can’t control?

I’ve noticed more and more drivers driving frantically through our city streets.

We’re leading the rest of the country with our 20mph limit (although I’ve yet to see a speed camera upholding the law) and it’s a true blessing that has no doubt reduced traffic accidents, particularly for youngsters.

Earlier in the week, I walked my four-year-old son to the letterbox at the end of our street.

We stopped on the curb as I taught him a few rudiments of crossing.

As we walked at a toddler’s pace across the road, an Audi driver sped towards us.

As he saw we were impeding his progress, I actually heard the revs of his engine pick up.

Had I not broken into an uncomfortable Englishman’s skip, he would undoubtedly have hit us.

In 1988 a good friend of mine was killed by a careless driver in Southsea.

We were 15-16 at the time and I’ve never forgotten standing in his mother’s lounge after the funeral and witnessing the searing grief.

Having your child taken from you because a stranger wasn’t paying attention or because they thought they were above the law leaves unthinkably painful scars for relatives and friends, every day for the rest of their lives.

It would have been good to speak to that Audi driver and tell him that story, but sadly for him I don’t think he would have been the type to listen.