Aurora wants to help, but she isn’t too good with colours

Mo Farrah after missing out on a gold medal
				 Picture: Adam Davy

VERITY LUSH: Leave me to browse the make-up counter in peace

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No doubt you’ve heard the expression ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.’

Well I have news for you – you can teach a cat! My furball Aurora has acquired the ability to fetch an elastic band after it’s been pinged across the room.

Not only that, but she brings it back on cue, then places it in my hand.

I don’t even need to bribe her with a bowlful of her favourite munchies. She just does it.

This isn’t her only talent. Frequently I find items of underwear placed on my bed by Aurora, which certainly helps when I’m in a mad morning rush.

Although it can be a problem. I once ended up wearing a luminous lime bra and an orange thong in my haste to get out of the door.