Auto phone calls drive me bonkers

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All together now, 123...aarrgh! Automated phone calls drive me bonkers.

When I got one from my own bank, I was down there like a shot.

‘Remove me from your automated phone call list NOW’ I demanded.

Then I get a phone call from British Gas. The ‘real’ phone operative was hitting warp speed in his spiel when I said ‘I’m not interested’.

He then asked: ‘Why?’

WHY? I unleashed the frustration of 1,000 automated phone calls on him. Ah, that’s better.

Folks, be alert for scams over the festive period, especially PDS (Parcel Delivery Service).

A posted card will state somebody was unable to deliver a parcel and you should phone 0906 6611911.

Don’t. You’ll be connected to a recorded message and billed £315.