Baby Cowell – born with a platinum spoon in his mouth

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There have been pictures this week of Simon Cowell with his baby son. One shows him and his boy wearing matching sunglasses. I have to say the resemblance is uncanny.

Simon, who always said he didn’t want to have children, looks giddy with pleasure, but what I think is amusing is the location in which a lot of these pics were taken – on board Mr Cowell’s yacht.

Now I love Simon, I think the fact he’s a self-made millionaire and faced the good times with the bad – and there were quite a lot for him – is testament to his success. But this child is going to grow up in a world of ultra luxury.

As history has proved, it usually ends in tears. I hope Simon shows his son some of the things he had to do to get by in life – knuckle down, work hard and get on with it.