Beards are a look that the pre-pubescents can’t get

Mel Gibson as Kurt Mayron, Mark Wahlberg as Dusty Mayron, Will Ferrell as Brad Taggart and John Lithgow as Don Taggart in Daddy's Home 2. Picture: PA Photo/Paramount Pictures/Claire Fogler.

CHERYL GIBBS: Not a great film, but I still balled my eyes out

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For the past two or three years, to be a trendy man you had to wear your trousers so low your bottom cheeks would be exposed and waddle down the street like a penguin displaying your pants.

Thankfully those days are gone. The latest fad for men is something that annoying pre-pubescents like Justin Bieber and all of JLS cannot follow. It’s beards!

Let’s look at the facts. Gary Barlow, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman, Ricky Gervais and many more high-profilers are sporting facial fuzz and looking good on it at the same time.

With this in mind, I have grown one of my own – although my last attempt three years ago ended in disaster.

It was Christmas and I was back home on the Isle of Wight with my folks. My mum took a photo of me on her phone and sent it to her friend.

The reply commented how nice Brian’s jumper was. Brian is my 52-year-old uncle. The beard was removed later that day.

My first shave was at 18, but back then I could only grow stubble in patches. I couldn’t even pull off the George Michael designer stubble. I was 25 before all the gaps were joined, but in 1998, beards were so 1970s!

Three weeks in and the itching is starting to fade and the bristles are getting softer. The other half is now saying how much she likes it and how it ‘brings out my eyes’. Don’t you just love women?

Even at work I’ve been getting positive feedback and admiring glances. A well-kept beard adds a mature, distinguished look to a gentleman. You are the alpha male, you provide and protect, but at the same time, as you trim it, you have good personal hygiene!

I’ve never sat too easy with fashion. In 1990 I sported a fabulous shell suit and some remarkable paisley shirts that would make the most hardy seadog feel sick.

By the year 2000 I had discovered the convenience of M&S and had a highlighted centre parting, so you can see I’ve never been catwalk material.

My mid-to-late 30s really suit me though. I have grown into myself and the beard just tops it off nicely... this week anyway!