Big Brother can stir it up to make show essential viewing

KIERAN HOWARD: Thanks very much for the hand, foot and mouth disease Louie

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I confess to watching Celebrity Big Brother this season. Actually scrap that, I didn’t watch it, up until a week ago, but then got roped in by my partner Matt, who kept watching the repeats.

I didn’t think too much of Big Brother’s choice of ‘celebrities’ this year, but I have to say the mixture of personalities is perfect.

And my goodness, the mind games they play with the contestants is absolutely worth tuning in for.

Vicky Entwistle, a Coronation Street actress, got into a blazing row with Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby which ended in tears and tantrums all round.

Whilst I don’t condone bullying, I will say Big Brother knows exactly what to do and how to stir things up to make essential viewing.