BMW went like stink, but I’m happy driving The Tardis now

Steve's baby daughter made amazing progress this week, or so his wife thought

STEVE CANAVAN: It was a lot of rattle over just a little roll

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I thought I’d have serious car envy when my friend turned up in his new top-of-the-range BMW 335 Sport coupe.

He’d just flown back from Sri Lanka, where he was filming as he now runs his own media company.

The car went like stink and stuck to the road as if the tyres were made of Velcro.

But these days my life has changed. It’s not about me any more.

My mate still enjoys the single life. But I’ve moved on.

After saying our goodbyes, I got back into my S-Max, or The Tardis as I call it.

Little Freddie’s toys, car seat, pram and cover were everywhere.

You know, I wouldn’t swap my Ford for all the BMWs in China (or Germany)!