Buying is great but fun is better

Stephen Morgan MP

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan: Hectic start, but election is just the beginning

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The Aborigines say that when you die, all you take with you is your story - so make it a good one. So what’s your story?

Magical or mundane. Do you thrive or just survive?

Did you achieve those dreams, or were they left on the back burner to 
fizzle out?

According to psychologists, the happy memories of past holidays and going out stay with us longer than buying consumer goods.

Hey, back off shrinks, us girlies need a bit of retail therapy dear.

Oh the joy of buying that fabulous new frock.

But years on, what brings a smile to your face? Is it the frock or the time you rode three times on the teacup ride in Disneyland, Florida?

A wise man once said: ‘Create your memories with care, because they’ll be your friends when you are old.’

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