Calories correct? You’re kidding

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I know every morsel that passes my cutesy cupid bow lips, right down to the last choccy biccy.

So how come the roly-poly couples on Channel 4’s Secret Eaters get their calorie calculations so wrong?

In one episode the bewildered wifey couldn’t understand why she kept putting on weight.

After all she only ate 1,300 calories a day.

Secret filming revealed she was snacking all the time, and the real calorie intake was 3,000.

As for hubby, who only ate 2,000 calories a day, he was filmed at a carvery lunch, plate piled high, plus 16 roast potatoes.

Psychologists at the University of Aberdeen have discovered that overweight people have a ‘fat-nav’.

While food shopping, this helps them remember where all the high-calorie food is.