Camera shot that summed up what I think of This Morning

Bruno Mars

RICK JACKSON: We got back at 3am, but I’m so glad we saw Bruno

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Aclose-up of a naked gentleman’s undercarriage is not what we have come to expect of daytime television.

Yet there was Phillip Schofield failing miserably to suppress a smirk as the resident doctor on This Morning squeezed and prodded a young chap’s gonads during a feature on testicular cancer.

What on earth must dear Fern think? It was all very worthy and may even have saved a life or two – but I suspect the producers were thinking more about the publicity they were generating than the education they were providing.

But as the camera zoomed in and the screen filled with testes, I couldn’t help thinking how that one shot summed up the opinion I’ve always had of this programme.

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