Camping in the UK is great – but don’t forget the airbed

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You either love it or hate it, but camping in the UK, when the sun is shining is glorious.

We trooped to Swanage in Dorset last weekend for some early season camping, and we got lucky with the weather.

It was superb – playing games, fresh air by the lung-full, kids staying up late – it’s amazing how liberating walking around a field of cowpats in flip-flops really is.

Once home from a camping trip, it always takes everyone a few days to adjust, ie, not walking to the end of the garden with a washing up bowl full of dirty plates.

We’re big camping fans, but my spine isn’t.

When you get to the tender age of 40, a good airbed is a necessity, or you borrow one with a hole in it and walk around like C3PO for a week as a result.

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