Children look up to adults to protect them from harm

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A two-year-old child suffering from asthma dies from a heart attack after being told by a doctor that she only has a chest infection.

Another child dies from dehydration two days after a locum doctor lets her go without doing a basic test which would have saved her life.

The list goes on.What the hell is happening to our NHS?

People are dying because of blunders, so why is it we still pretend that our health service is the envy of the world?

According to reports, its failures are contributing to the deaths of five children a day.

This is a national disgrace and has now cost the NHS more than £320m in legal settlements over the past decade.

In my life I’ve known several youngsters pass away before their time because of misdiagnosis.

One family friend died at 16 when what she was told was a mild case of flu turned out to be a deadly form of meningitis.

Young lives could be saved if more doctors had training in paediatrics.

The problem is that many don’t specialise in dealing with children.

In the wake of the tragic story of little Daniel Pelka, an innocent four-year-old boy starved and tortured by his evil mother and her partner, it wouldn’t be a moment too soon.

Magdelena Luczak, 27, and Mariusz Krezolek, 34, must serve a minimum of 30 years each for what the judge called their ‘incomprehensible brutality’.

Daniel weighed just over a stone-and-a-half when he died.

What I find particularly horrendous is that a neighbour took pity on Daniel and used to feed him Maltesers and other scraps of food, but was apparently too terrified of Krezolek to inform social services.

Have we not learned anything from the terrible case of baby P? We must all be alert to the suffering of children and not turn a blind eye, or be afraid or scared of the potential consequences.

Yes, in some cases it can take tremendous courage to speak out about what we have witnessed.

But children look up to us adults to protect them from harm and keep them safe. We must do all we can not to let them down.