Children will go back to yoofspeak

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How now brown cow. I had to repeatedly pronounce that sentence correctly when I attended private elocution lessons in the 1960s.

Not only did ma and pa send me to private school, they also paid for private ballet lessons, opera singing lessons, drama and elocution.

Oooh, I was ever so posh, darlings. And then my 13th birthday arrived. I was an ’orrible teenager. Huh, forget arabesques and rounded vowels, dear.

So I applaud Cherry Tree Primary School in Basildon, Essex, for introducing elocution lessons for their 11-year-old pupils.

Teaches are trying to improve grammar, replacing ‘aint’ with aren’t, ‘computa’ with computer and not ending sentences with ‘yeah’.

But I fear that once they become teenagers, the yoofspeak of ‘we was’ instead of we were and ‘innit’ will return.